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Portfolio: Adventures In Creativity

Adventures in Creativity: not simply work, but a lifestyle.

C Graphic Art is a graphic design firm founded by Catherine Conner. Catherine has vast experience with design, spanning a career of 10+ years. She is an expert with marketing, company brand building, social media, catalog & print work, web design, art direction, and photo retouching. She prides herself in being easy to work with, and enjoys the creativity and fun of working with clients to create their masterpiece.

Catherine is currently accepting new assignments, and she would love to meet with you and discuss your needs. If you choose to work with Catherine, you will have a great experience and a wonderful final project. Catherine employs an amazing team of talented freelancers for large-scale business projects, such as catalogs, web sites, and corporate identity, and she also enjoys the essential boutique projects. C Graphic Art is ready to create an amazing design solution for you.

In addition to being a passionate designer, Catherine is an avid rock climber. Any time not spent in the world of design, she is hundreds of feet upwards on the rock. Whether it be designing something beautiful & purposeful, or creatively figuring out how to get up a towering rock wall, Catherine is devoted to the adventure, artistry, inspiration, planning, and beauty of these endeavors. It's a deeply meaningful feeling to have accomplished climbing hundreds of feet, or creating a beautiful design that will help propel a company upward and onward in their goals. C Graphic Art likes to help companies develop their company branding, increase outreach, and build revenue. C Graphic Art fundamentally embraces adventure in the creative process as more than simply work, but a lifestyle.

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